The Three Tuns Great Bedwyn (4.2m)

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About fifteen miles from Newbury along the A4 through Hungerford to Froxfield, where turn left and follow directions for Great Bedwyn.
Understood to be a more upmarket establishment than the now closed Cross Keys.

Take the lane in front of the pub for about 200 yds, then take the FP on the L. Kink half R for 250 yds, then turn half L for another 250 yds to enter Chisbury Wood. Follow the path on a fairly constant heading for 800 yds, passing a pond on the R, and emerge into open fields. When the path meets a metalled lane, turn L, and L again at the T junction. After 400 yds, take the FP on the R which immediately turns L and follow it for 500 yds, crossing the Bedwyn-Marlborough road half way. In the middle of Bedwyn Common, go half L to follow the continuation of London Ride, and visit St Katharines Church, by the side of which is the Savernake Primary School. Retrace your steps, bearing R in 200 yds then SO for 800 yds to the second crossroads, where go R for Stock Common. Take the L fork in the lane, which then bears round to the L, and go SO to a FP at the end. This drops through pleasant fields, reaching the road near Great Bedwyn Church in some 1200 yds. Turn L and L again by The Cross Keys to find the pub.

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